quarta-feira, 29 de junho de 2011


(Comes Lady Groundlander with her nurse. Hendell is hidden behind the bush)
Lady G.: Oh, Oh, dark, darkest night I've ever had! How sad is the moon in this lonely night! 
Nurse: Be patient, child! Everything has a time. It was not your fault, but the destiny. God will guide us. Be calm! Wait for me here, I will see if your beloved parents are not ill!
(The nurse left. Hendell appears.)
Lady G.: Oh, Hendell, my dear friend. Is that you, the shadow that comes so slowly?
Hendell: Yes, my lady, it is your humble serve who comes to relieve you.
Lady G.: What a sad day, Hendell! Did you know about the notices?
Hendell: Yes, beautiful lady. I knew by the afternoon. 
Lady G.: So you know that my heart is crying... My dearest one is gone and it was so cruel... He must have been suffering too much. I can't bear this. I cannot even imagine. 
Hendell: Calm down, my lady! Everything in this world is vain! Each person is trying to survive. taking the pieces of afection, carrying their faults with their shoulders... Death is nothing but freedom.
Lady G.: But, wise Hendell, it is still a great suffering for those who are living... All the faults are ours, now. All the faults are ours...

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